SneakyArt of Eau Claire
is a book of
secretly drawn art,
observing the lives of ordinary people
of the Midwest,
finding moments of accidental beauty
in everyday activities.

Nishant’s Sneaky Art has a way to capture the essence of a person or place with an amazing combination of subtlety and expression.
— Mark Jones, Architect, Urban Sketcher
The book is a delightful record of the people and places of Eau Claire - wonderful visual storytelling!
— Amber Sausen, (USk Twin Cities Chapter Administrator)

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Sneaky Artist

Nishant Jain is a cartoonist and Sneaky Artist from Calcutta (India).

As a Sneaky Artist, he draws the people around him in the spaces he inhabits, finding moments of accidental beauty in ordinary places on ordinary days.

Before moving to the US, Nishant studied engineering in Europe. Now he lives with his wife, listens to jazz, and thinks too much.





All art on this page is made by Nishant Jain. Please do not use it without permission. That would be a dick move.